Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I'm a Uber Walker

Chennai Koyambedu Metro Station

I’m an uber walker. (Tom Tom in BGM)

Well that’s how I like to call myself now. Lately, for few months, I got ample time in my hand, but I needed to be at Chennai, couldn’t travel outside. I thought of utilizing the time to explore a new adventure that is – City long distance walking.

You can call me crazy, so be it. So far, I had walked around 70 km across the city. Five long distance walks,
  1. A round trip to Guindy from Vadapalani.
  2. One way from SRP tools to Arumbakkam Metro Station.
  3. 1 way- Vadapalani signal to Anna Square at Marina beach via Kodambakkam & RK Salai.
  4. 1W- Koyambedu CMBT to Anna Square at Marina beach via PH Road.
  5. 1W- Tambaram bus stand to Alandur Metro station.
These are main walks, in between these walks there were several prep walks to train the legs. I’m not fat, not even medium built. I’m lean as a line!, so don’t think I walk to reduce weight.

These walks gave me lots of strength- physically and mentally. (Something has to change!).

I was suffering from sleep disorder, due to prolonged rotating shifts and uneven working hours. Even after quitting the work, I found it hard to break it. Now, I can’t say I’m completely cured, but I’m getting back my biological clock right. (This is called Social jet lag!)

Another issue, I had was after waking up from sleep, irrespective of time, I had this continuous sneezing problem. Now it’s completely gone (Poiyee pochi).

Urban planning and anthropology of the city (Now, I’m an expert'u, chumma ola
  • As opposed to the common notion all the main and major roads have footpaths. We fail to notice it as we are hurrying in our vehicles.
  • Most of us think the air is polluted by the traffic, but I see the notion is wrong. It is all because of we live in a closed AC room and once we expose ourselves out we tend to blame the nature. I’m allergic to dust and I survived.
Some good places to walk,
  • Gemini flyover to Marina- RK Salai. Wide road and less traffic + lots of police protection.
  • SRP Tools, Taramani to Madhya Kailash. The service road is paradise for walkers and joggers.
  • Sivananda Salai on the by-lane of TV station and university.

My 2 Paisa for beginners (Now, I’m intermediate and can "can" advise)
  • Don’t jump straight into 10 km or long walk\jog.
  • Practice for 2-3 km for a week
  • Since, you are inside the city no need to carry water from home, unless you are very specific. I’ll buy water bottles from shops while on walk.
  • Do your pit stops in the bus shelter.
  • Plan your route. After 10 km you don’t want to scramble for bus or train to return home.
  • If you find a tender-coconut shop, grab one. It is best to get energy. Avoid aerated drinks.
  • Don’t over stress yourselves. If you can’t do, leave it, as over-stressing will cause injury. As a rule, after a 30 mins of walk, rest for 3 mins.
  • After walk\jog drink lots of water. Some time you might get slight headache due to dehydration.
Never take photos. This will kill time, break your walking rhythm. And, moreover the objective is to walk. If you are interested in photography, take this opportunity as a recce.

What is your experience, share it (Anyway you wont share, padichaduku nandri)

**Above photo by the blogger

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